I went shopping for three hours and spent RM9!

Woot! Must jot this down.

I went shopping for three solid hours and bought nothing.

I spent RM30 on my lunch and RM9 on a photography magazine.

I am so proud of myself.  I didn’t sign a few hundreds ringgit away on something I don’t need.


Not proud because I saved money but proud that I can tell those women, Nah, why must be like you all so suffering likedat.


You see hor, women are very suffering creatures one.  Whether young or old, they have that loud voice in their heads that say things like:


you are ugly

you are fat

your skin is not perfect

your teeth are not white

your fashion is outdate

your calves are too fat

your armpits are not white (stupid girls, they even have whitening for armpits, chisin)

your panty lines are showing

you smell bad

you need to wash your pet pet with our hygiene wash and wipe with our wet wipes (aka pukisoap lah)

and on

and on

and on

and on


betty boop

So, it takes a lot of gut, self esteem, confidence and a hell lot of ‘I don’t give a damn’ to be able to tell those imaginary voices in the head to just shut the hell up and get lost.


Many women, sadly, never really overcome that.


Just yesterday, I saw this ghastly looking old woman (like in her late 60s) with plastic surgery double-eyelid painted black, and red garish lipstick on her very wrinkled skin.  I was like, ‘aiyor, ah mah, how many hours a day you spend apply that layer of cement and ICI paint?’


Of course, women must take care of themselves.  When I am not lazy, I applied at least 5 products on my face before I go to sleep.  Let’s see..

Clinique cleanser that costs RM90

SKII toner that costs RM160

Clinique Laser something that costs RM200

before that, the SKII miracle water that costs like freaking expensive (forget how much, I think RM280)

then, Clinique Moisture surge


And when I wake up, the whole layers go off, then, on again, with different products.  Then, topped with foundation, powder and make-up sometime in the morning when I am in the mood.


I say, when I am in the mood.  Sometimes, I have make-up, sometimes I don’t. I don’t give a damn, really.


And God help me that I can live to the end with the ‘I don’t give a damn, really’ because I don’t want to ask for my maid to help me with the make-up on my death bed.


Today, I went to several boutiques.  They have lots of sales.  I tried on many many shoes.  From the expensive to the 70%.  I touched many earrings.  I paused at the cosmetic section and ponder if I want to buy something.


But nay…I didn’t give in to temptations.


It was 3 hours of therapy.  Right after I returned from 4 hours of work.  I threw my working bag with camera, video, press statement and went out to Gurney, walking aimlessly for three hours.  Because I know if I don’t I will end up processing photos, videos and stories on a Sunday afternoon.


So, yeah, this is another one of my ‘I am so clever, I am so good, I am so perfect’ self-praise post.


One more thing – When I got into the car when my hubby returns to fetch me (he dropped me before his badminton), I told him, ‘You are soooo lucky to have a wife who spent only RM9 on a three hour shopping trip.’



One thought on “I went shopping for three hours and spent RM9!

  1. Yes, I agree that a lot of women need a boost of self confidence. I can easily beat your record…I love window-shopping (it’s free!) and rather spend on food than anything else. I can top u on my nite routine..wash with free Neutrogena facial soap (from a hotel, small bar, lasts like 2mths!), and apply either Sorbolene(very cheap moisturizer from Aust, works great) or keri lotion. I use the same lotion for face and body..I am that lazy. Everyone thinks I am 10 years younger than my actual age, good genetics I think. My daytime cream is a bit more expensive..Neutrogena with SPF 30. Sun protection is important.

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