Wah…the horrors!


I just got back from the hospital.


thank God I am baby free now.

I saw this new parent who are just taking their new baby home.

The mother is wrapped up in socks, cardigans and walks like ketam like that.

OMG, suddenly I recalled those times when I was a new mother. Not like ketam bungkus from head to toe.

But the feeling.

Ick, so glad my production line has been ordered to shut down by the doctor.

I don’t want to go through that again.

Not the pain.

Not the mess of an open womb that bleeds and bleeds and bleeds.

Not the stitches.

Not the drying up stitches. Which is worse than the fresh stitches cos when they are dried, they shrink and the hard string or whatever you call those thread or sutures pokes out.

Ewwwss…the pain of sitting down, squatting, bending.

Whether C-Sec (I had three) or normal birth (I had two).

Not to mention the mah-huan-ness (troublesomes) of eating confinement foods.

So, yeah, Lilian has momentarily glimpses of the horror of giving birth and recovering.

Then, let’s not forget the night feeding. Or has a kid that has problem sleeping.

Now here I am, at the top of 47 floors, screaming ‘Thank God I am not going through pregnancy, birth and recovery anymore, everrrrrrr’

Thank you. Now you can go back to your work. It is 2.00 pm. I have to work too. Ta ta.

2 thoughts on “Wah…the horrors!

  1. The labour pain is just the beginning. Parenting is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 😉

  2. aiyo, i am due end of this Sept, reading this is making me ‘panicky’
    a bit. already when the doctor tell me my due date, my heart beat super fast.
    hopefully i will relax on the day of my delivery.

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