My fingers are itching to blog but…

It has been a long time since I last post. Not that I don’t have anything to write but rather, I have nothing to write on. I don’t do it during the day when I have my laptop with me cos it is working hours. You can’t actually ‘eat snake’ and escape being notice.

The only time I have is when I am home. Writing using my iPad is no fun cos I can’t bang on the keyboard. Normally, I just log in to my blog and bang away, without bothering about grammar, spelling and watnots. Just bla bla bla. That’s the whole essence of expression.

Anyway, today is my birthday. My 47th birthday. Three more years to the big Five-O. Which means I can withdraw my EPF. Woohoo! What can I do with my EPF, huh? Go horriday and get a toyboy. That’s the ideal thing to do. When I am broke, find an old man with money to sustain till I die. Blek, it’s my birthday so I can crap whatever I want.

Since the last time I blogged, I have gone to Ho Chi Minh. Amazingly, all the hotels I stayed in HCM provide not only free wi-fi in the room, they even provide laptops and computers too. In the bedroom, you know?

But everyday I was too tired to bother writing from Vietnam because there are so many things to buy, eat and see.

So, the above photos sort of summed up the whole trip. I love going to places like these. They are so chaotic, busy and everything rather ‘jinjang’. Ho Chi Minh is a bit like Kuala Lumpur modern city mix with Penang old heritage. Plus lots and lots of motorbikes that don’t follow traffic rules.

I got an sms from our choir leader that Christmas choir practice is starting October. I am not sure if I am going to participate this year because I like my current carefree weekends. That also reminds me that if I intend to return to the ministries I serve in the church, I have to let my lector and CEC leader knows so he can put me back in the roster for October to December.

Maybe I will take an extended break till 2012. Cos every weekend, I still have to work. I don’t want the stress of juggling work schedule and preparation for my duties, whether as a lector or a catechism class teacher. I cannot be a good lector and teacher unless I have taken time to prepare for the duties. Blek, I shall leave it to the Lord ( a convenient way of escaping the chore of decision making). If one morning I wake up feeling I missed the thrilling tension of lectoring or the joy of meeting my Form One class on weekends, then, I will go back.

In the meantime, I shall just enjoy those rare Saturday afternoons I have. And the Sundays when I don’t have to wake at 5.30am.

People said I am always talking about religion. One asked if I have nothing else to write about other than Jesus Christ. Actually, I didn’t notice that until one politician asked me. I think it is a good sign that I have somehow matured a bit in thinking and think of God more than bitchy stuffs that I was so used to crap on my blog.

Hmmm…I am 47 years old. 48 years in Chinese age. Very, very old already. I cannot get offended when people call me Auntie. I have lots of white hair already. Wrinkles too.

But bleh, I still look a lot younger than most women, still a great company to many, and someone told me 1+1 does not necessary mean 2. Hmmm…at 47, I still get sms bday message that goes ‘epi besday’. So, yeah,I end the day with a smile on my face that God has been great to me. And I feel loved with all the wonderful things I am blessed with.

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  1. Hi Lilian…Happppyyyyyyy BirdDay to youuuuuuu…Keep up with that cheerful smile of urs & continue to blog pls….So luv to read ur blog…cheers!!

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