Chinese New Year is a time for family gatherings. It is wonderful to catch up as family members are scattered all over the country and we hardly see each other. So, each time when I meet the nieces and their kids, I will go ‘Wow…..the kids are so big now!’

For us who do not see the toddlers and kids daily, it appears like they grow overnight. But for their moms, they know how much love and tender loving care had been put into making the kids healthy and growing.

So much work has to be put into caring for our babies and it is a learning process every day. Every time when the moms meet, they will talk about giving the best for their kids. I was listening to their conversations the other day about a Facebook page at
and truly, like the sayings go, Moms Know Best.

The moms never compromise on their choice of growing up milk for the kids. They want the best nutrition without added sugars and have therefore picked Anmum Essential. Being able to share information on Facebook AnmumClub also made more moms aware the importance of having Gangliosides and DHA which are call the ‘brain food’.

Recently, there are several print ads featuring Anmum Essentials and how it helps in the child’s brain development. More and more moms are aware and they are sharing it with friends the key point – i.e. growing up milks shouldn’t have added sugars. The milk still taste good and yet, the child is not at risk of an overload of added sugars to the point of getting obese.

The scene at my family gathering is almost like parenting convention because there are so many toddlers at home and all the moms are talking about finding the best growing up milk without added sugars. Most agree on Anmum Essential because it is the only brand that has given wide public awareness using real moms about added sugars in growing up milk.

Once the smart moms have all the information, they switch to a growing up milk that provides the nutrients without adding on empty calories for their kids – that’s Anmum Essential.