Hooked on shopping with coupons?

I signed up for some coupon site and has been bombarded with a lot of emails about special sales, discounts and really irresistible offers.

However, I have managed to stay away from buying those coupons because I somehow do not like to buy things in advance. I have that insecurity that somehow things will screw up if I plan in advance.

I have never planned holidays in advance. If we go anywhere it is always at the last minute. I don’t like the idea of planning months in advance. This was especially stressful when the kids were young cos one of them will inevitably fell ill at the last minute.

Therefore, I wonder why our coupons can’t be like this Couponcodes4u.com where people just pick up minus the advance notice.

This is a US site and have fabulous offers for so many categories of products. Some of the stuffs are so attractive I think I will get hook to shopping if I can buy them.

So are you into online shopping or love coupons? If you do, then, click the link provided for http://www.couponcodes4u.com/ and start shopping.

I know my kids will go crazy with the JellyBelly. They had been pestering me to get all the weird flavour jelly beans but they are not available here. Now JellyBelly has special discount with the coupons.