The longest two weeks (to GE13)

I am not sure if others feel this but these have been the longest two weeks. I cannot wait for elections to be over.

I am so tired of reading political views even from the most unlikely apolitical person on my Facebook.

People no longer rant about bad service at the restaurants they just went or post photos of their foods. Instead, it is all ‘this ceramah I went, that ceramah I went’ bla bla bla yadda yadda yadda.

Even mother-in-laws rants seem to have diminished when people have Barisan Nasional to rant about. So, yeah, BN is more monstrous than monsters-in-law. Bwahahaha.

I am not sure it is good or bad, that we have one common enemy – BN – and people start to be buddies because of that. Suddenly, the world seems to be a better place because we have……no, not PR. The common enemy – BN. Say thank you to BN, please muahahaharr….

It is actually quite silly. That we allow our lives to revolve around politicians and their bad behaviours. Can you imagine? If we share the same passion in something else that is more fruitful? How wonderful this world is going to be?

Say for example, each of us, instead of hating BN or loving PR, or vice-versa if you are a BN fanboi (oh come on, don’t be afraid to say out loud, like Michelle Yeoh), we channel that into doing something else. Like loving our God (whatever form you want your god to be lah, that is).

So, people, think about it? Are we too obsessed already? Is it time we take a step backwards and realise, hey, we actually have a lot of passion in us. Why not use it for more useful purpose? Why spend that passion in hating Rosmah’s ring or shoes or handbags?

Or if you are a BN-fanboi or fangirl, stop hating Lim Guan Eng and instead, use that passion (of hating) to loving and doing something good?

Therefore, chill lah, people. Elections is just a few days away. Let’s not make so much enemies, you can’t hold your head high come May 6th. Someone is going to lose and someone is going to win.

The sun will still rise in the East and set in the West. Nothing is changed. We still need to work for our roof, foods and SKII. Our Candy Crush level still need our determination to overcome. The only big change are the politicians. We common people still have an ordinary life. Maybe with cheaper petrol, or not. With cheaper housing, or not.

So, tralalalala…GE13 fast fast come, fast fast go.