Happy blog anniversary to chanlilian.net – 9th year

February 14, 2005 was the day I officially moved from lilianchan.blogspot.com to chanlilian.net. Back then it was a big deal to go dot com. I couldn’t get dot com because some other woman in Hongkong had owned it. Anyway, I like dot net because it is like a fishing net catching blur sotongs. Dot com sounds too commercialised.

So happy 9th anniversary to me. I am one of the earliest bloggers in Malaysia, became quite popular and then, sort of fade when the blogging popularity waned. I have made quite a tidy sum from the strong advertising market in 2007 to 2009. In fact, must earlier when USD1 was equivalent to RM3.80, we bloggers cashed in on the pay per post.

Personality wise, have I changed? Nope. I am still as annoyingly obnoxious and still as self assured. Don’t piss me and I will leave you alone. But I am a bit tamer after I converted to Christianity. And now I have no choice but to swallow all the flowery languages back because of my commitment to teach.

My first blogpost was in October 23, 2004. That means I am going to be a 10 years old blogger in October this year. I still have the archieve on Blogspot. http://lilianchan.blogspot.com/2004_10_01_archive.html

Many bloggers do not last long because they are not writing from their hearts. Either they are writing about subjects or putting up fake personalities. But some of us are practically allowing words from our minds and hearts to flow through those quick fingers and turned them into blogposts. We are the gifted ones. We stay true because we are sincere. Of course, sincere doesn’t mean nice. It can be bad ones too.

You know what? After 9 years, when I read back, I realise I was pretty good in handling life. Parenthood, marriage, community involvement, women stuffs and all. I dont think I have cringed at any one of my old blogposts. I screwed some people on my blogs before and I haven’t feel guilty about it because I was right. Hey, I am never wrong LOL.

In these 9 years, many fellow bloggers have grown up, got married, got babies, got sick, got better, die, divorced, screwed up their lives, suicide and died, recovered, turn gay, converted to religion, dropped out of religion, fallen into pits of depression, became the old lady that they once made fun of me, became overly kiasu parents and more. It is sometimes nice to sit back, reflect and see how others are doing. And you get a picture that we never know what may come our way.

You have to know Petaling Street Project to understand what blogging in Malaysia was like. If you go huh? what? then, you are not worthy of the name ‘blogger’.

So happy anniversary to chanlilian.net. Remember the name – Obnoxious 5xmom.