Insta dieters ain’t gonna get thinner

You know what is Insta dieters? I am pretty sure you have a few show-offs on your Instagram or Facebook account like that. The kind who post their healthy diet, clean eating, sweaty workout and stats of how many KM they had done?

Yet, they never dare show their full body photo or worse only show a quarter of their faces? I do have a few like that. Those who fool themselves by trying to fool their imaginary friends that they live a healthy lifestyle.

Familiar photos like healthy vege, mountains of fruits and etc are posted on their social media account. Oats, grains, nuts bla bla bla….Yawn…..I do that too. But only when I decided to go on my month long special weight loss programme. I have not started mine yet.

Last nite I gulped down some whey protein smoothies with fruis. My processor is just RM65 from Harvey Norman offer bin and yet it works pretty well. I was asking my hubby how different is it if I eat one fruit or throw it into my el cheapo processor or buy a RM6K slow juicer? Didn’t the same fruit turn to shit as well? LOL so he said, “I can cut the power of your processor to work slowly and you get a slow juicer.” Oh well…many health industries will die if they have people like me.

In a gist, losing weight and maintaining it is not easy. It is a daily grind of eating small portions, working out regularly and it is nothing like those fake claims. So many Insta dieters are only fooling themselves when they eat poorly, and yet, fake it like they adopt a healthy lifestyle.

What I am saying is, if you want to live longer, not dying suddenly or worse still, became half paralysed due to stroke, you got to make up the mind, stick with it, work on it and not just fooling self. Do I pig out? Yes I do, but I make sure I work it out.

For example, sometimes and only sometimes, I craved into have char koay teow. But even that I never eat a whole plate by myself but share share with another. When I had eaten, I will make sure I ran at least 4 KM to get rid of my guilt.

Gone were the days when I sit in cafe having a slice of cake all to myself. Now it is only black coffee and black tea. No more sinful cakes unless I have someone to die along with me.

So hope this prick the Insta dieters. You got to work your butt off. Sweat it out. Taking a quarter of your face without your fat body will eventually kill you. You may look good on your social media account with healthy foods, shiny dumbells etc but your heart is slowy clogging up and your sugar may kill you. Tralalala…..