Korean Drama bingeing philosophy

Alert – Divorcees, cheating spouses, you have been warned not to read ya? Don’t later hate me, ok?

I absentmindedly scratched my own face cos I was multi-tasking. I had a toothbrush with foaming toothpaste, hair with shampoo, face with oily facial cleanser and standing under the shower at the same time. Four things at one go, to save time.

Reason was I was late in fetching my son because I just have to finish my drama, ok? So, I was doing all four things at the same time and at the same time thinking about life.

One of my former boss had married the fourth time, and he is not even a Muslim. I applaud him, supported him with unquestionable loyalty as his staff and though I cried buckets over the matter, I admire him.

I remember I sobbed in the car, asking my husband what to do because it broke my heart to see the children sick but both parents were away due to work and etc. I am the type who carried others burdens because of my foolish I can save the world ideals.

Finally, I resigned when I couldn’t cope with my own three sons, and the burdens of watching a family unit breaking. A family I love as my own too but its their lives, their burdens. I admire my boss because he made clean cut, leaving the family with comfortable means while he made his new reunion in an honourable way, also giving the new family comfortable lives.

So, back to my Korean Drama. If many decades ago, I would curse Saimdang, the beautiful woman for not leaving her family to be with her the man she was to wed. But at 54 years old, I can only punch fist in the air and said, Smart move, you did the right thing.

The story is a very long one, all 28 episodes. Means I spent more than one day to watch some soppy series. But I have plenty of time, so its ok.

So, the story kinda triggers this part of marriage. I had seen many divorces and I had advised against it to some friends before. It doesn’t solve the problem. Work it through, no matter how hard. Of course, I have no question about my previous boss because I was with him for 12 years and it was a long, long process and it was one of those things that just have to happen.

Now, I think cheating spouses are full of shits. Especially those who dare not make clean cut. Those who run away from responsibilities dare not face facts and make amends.

So, while watching Saimdang, I learned about feudalism, Confucianism and all those celaka Cinapek culture. The kind that our celaka Cinapeks still practise today. Thats why I accidentally scratched my own beautiful face because I was thinking about all these. Glad now I purge out all those bad thoughts.

May those cheating apeks, all die an ugly death and die lonely. Come on, own up, don’t do it. Gain the respect of your children, stand dignified in society and walk forward. Like how Saimdang told her handsome scholar, she want to be respected by her children.

For what God has put together, no man can divide. Trust in God to heal the hearts.