A time for thanksgiving for 2018

Time for making resolutions…

There are some friendships that sort of grow with you. From our 20s to 50s, though we do not keep in contact, the same kind of connection stays.

So as the year is fast ending, I am thankful that I still have those friends. The kind which I will probably call if I am dying, to say goodbye, kinda closeness. The kind which I can launch into the most juicy gossips about life. We just had that sort of talk about who is cheating on whose wives/husbands, who had divorced, who are infertile and etc.

At our 50s, we are actually not gossiping but merely, two souls who know we have lived our life well. Our simple, not complicated lives. I am thankful for that. How the choices we made, the jobs we had, the kids we have and etc sort of give us that simple, happy family life.

That brief talk we had left me with a lot less baggages. I know I had made the right choice. With our conversation, I know I have remained very much the true self that I am, I was. From my 20s till now, that same character of mine did not change.

So, I am happy that I can end 2018 knowing that I lived a great year. To recap
1) I think I left my job with LGE on Jan 5th.
2) I joined MBPP on March 15
3) I left MBPP on July 15
4) I discovered that my work does not define me. And with pride, I know that I did not apply for the last two jobs but was pulled in to get things done, and did well too.

5) Since the day I became a mother, I have not enjoyed such blissful, carefree life, living like a couch potato, jobless bum. Sure I have been full time mom before but those times my kids were young and it was hellish being their driver, butt cleaner, vomit catcher and referee. Now I am totally without any responsibilities so when I am about to go to sleep, I get so thrilled that I have nothing plan for the next day. No time, no schedule, no places to go. Unless I want to.

6) Money – I spend when I earn. Now that I don’t earn, I only spend what I really need. And funnily enough, I don’t miss it. Those mindless spending, those stuffs I buy without really needing them. Now, I have fun of not going to the ATM. I have one at home.

7) This year, I was the least active but glad the pain around the knees and the inflamed feel at my right sole is gone too. So I am thankful that all those horror stories I heard from menopausal friends were merely horror stories that do not happen to me. Google Doctor told me it is normal to get those annoying aches due to change of hormone levels. The female hormones reduce, the male hormones increase at MEN-opause LOL, so it is a good thing.

8) Kdrama has given me much distractions. I get into analysing about life in general through those Kdramas. Those damn Koreans are very good in turning regular problems in life into drama and I like their tenacity, their principles and way of solving relations problems. I learn much from those Kdramas. Become a more tolerant wife, a more patient and humble individual, understanding mother and learn the meaning of ‘fighting!’

9) Jesus wise, I am moving forward. Its amazing how my faith has helped me through many things. Thankful there is never a moment of doubt. Only many ‘fist in the air’ punching in victory and Hi-5 Jesus moments.

10) Lastly, being 54 means not having to make silly resolutions because I am the boss of my own life. I live however I like.