PMS = Personaliti masuk syaitan

Go drool on this caramel pudding my son made today under my supervision.

Blame it on PMS! Yeah, just find something to blame and PMS is the best. Because it is medically proven, it is hip and it can’t talk back. This, I find is a very lame excuse used by many women whenever they want to be mean. Curse the mother-in-law, say all the bad things about the poor old woman. Then, end the curse with ‘It must be my PMS’ . Then, there are women who are mothers themselves who even dig their own mothers out of the grave to share with other women how mean their moms were when mom was alive.

It doesn’t stop there. Snap at the boyfriends, husbands, kids, friends, poor cashiers, parking boys, kick the dogs, spit at the beggars, be a road bully, do anything and say ‘It must be my PMS.’ I often use this phrase too eventhough I don’t think I ever experience PMS, post, pre-natal despression or any kind of depression. I must have a lot of male hormones running through me, I suppose. Or probably I have PMS all year round.

Instead of snapping at others and making people miserable, stuff yourself with some nice dessert like the above and make everyone’s life sweeter. If you are old enough to get your period, you are old enough to use your brain to control your own actions and reactions.

One rare whiny quote made by me today in my own forum:

I do not have patience for women squabbling. It is very, very tiring.
Lilian 曾丽莲
The owner & administrator.

Want some good read about the related matter? Go here and here but caution – don’t drink and read. If you have good blog about anti-PMS, share it! And yeah, I did whine about this exactly a month ago, so the source of the problem has to be me? Oh NO!!!!! I am having depression (defined by Twinsmom)!!!!

All who are supportive of PMS, stone me. All who hates PMS, comment please.

(PMS = devil possessed personality in Bahasa Malaysia)