I am an insensitve b*tch, no?

Something I wrote to the paper came out today. It made me look so insensitive, rubbing salt into the wounds of the family whose 3 years old daughter had died of choking. When I pressed the ‘Send’ button the other day, I had regretted it. I felt like I shouldn’t say what I wanted to say for the fear of hurting the bereaved family members. I felt rotten because it may appear to the majority of self-righteous, ready to curse others, people think that I am one of them. Those people who likes to stand by the sidelines of gross accidents and say ‘I told you so’, ‘You should have know better’, ‘Why you so stoopid’, ‘You never pray ah?’, ‘You got bad karma’ etc etc.

Let’s face it, we mortals love tragedies and enjoy dissecting what went wrong, who was wrong and speculate all the dirty side of things. This is especially so in vernacular papers like those Chinese papers. They will dig out the seedy side of things and blast it for all to enjoy. As a results, many of us fools will see the drama instead of the facts.

But heck, I am not a bitch where CPR is concerned. I had included in my original letter why I dare to say what I wanted to say. I had provided links to my previous articles on CPR. I had done it for my son Vincent. I had been at his bedside when his doctor revived him on another occassion. I had seen how another batch of doctors couldn’t revived him. My hubby has also seen with his own eyes the agony of another father who brought in his lifeless baby to the ER. I had seen it all.

Thank God, while seething with anger over the manner of which my say was potrayed, my eyes glanced on my horoscope reading today (am a perfectionist Virgo). It says ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself’.

Yeah, good advice. I do not give a damn if the million plus readers of The Star thinks I am some insensitive bitch who rubs salt into the wounds of others. I had said what I wanted to say. Everyone of us should be more knowledgeable. Everyone of us has a part to play in our society. Go on – learn life saving skills for God’s sake!

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  1. The link no longer there. So difficult to comment.

    But everyone has the right to their own opinion.

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