Penang is back again

Took a drive to Gurney Drive for dinner tonite. The place is cleaned up, the tourists are back, grandfathers are flying kites with their grandkids, lovers strolling on the promenade, families hanging around the beachfront. The only reminder of the tidal wave (where Gurney Drive is concerned) is the closure of Oriental Seafood which is restaurant with a pier out in the sea. I can safely say that by New Year’s Eve, people aren’t going to remember the day after Christmas. In Penang, a lot of people throng to Gurney Drive to celebrate the countdown.

I snapped one photo here, showing a packed seafood restaurant, tour bus and the festive mood prevails. So, if you have had made plans to celebrate the New Year in Penang, come. Who knows you may be lucky and be the eye witness to a tsunami and be rewarded with more adventures than you bargain for.

P/S : I hope I did NOT hear correctly but I did hear this from the Deputy PM’s mouth on TV3’s late news. “Only one person died in Langkawi (whom already has ill health) and in Penang, NO tourist died.” What does that make the 30-40 people (last count?) who died in Penang? Insignificant because they are not tourist? Not important because their death is not going to affect the economy? *sigh*