Laff till can die

First, I changed my tagline a bit. *ahem* (point to banner)

Next, you got to read Rojaks interbiu with me. Ok, there are 5 eligible SYTs there. Go over, after you ogle the 5 puas-puas then remember to read THE INTERVIEW WITH ME, OK? I gerenti you sure laff till can die.

Anyway, I left a comment for Rojaks but dunno why it doesn’t show. This is what I wrote:

Aww..I kena conned already. I thought the photo is meant to ‘pull string’ with a certain poet with pipe. Manatau, kena put on parody pulak.

If you haven’t link Rojaks, do so. He is farnee.

8 thoughts on “Laff till can die

  1. link me !!!! pulezzzzzz !!!! i want that google pagerank numbah 10 !!!! I wanna be problogger!!! i cant write anymore!!! i wanna do C&P post and still make money !!! 😛

  2. aiyor, if lilian is considered one of penang’s hottest chick, liddat i wanna move to penang oso lah.. i can qualify to be miss universe liao… hehehehehe!!

    jk.. jk.. mai tulah arh.. =D

  3. LoL… Wanna be problogger have to go attend some blogging classes wan ah. You tot so easy ah? =P

    By the way, added. You should also ask King of C&P or whoever problogger-wannabe to link you too, then you stand higher chance to become problogger. LoL…

  4. Bryan – Wah, Wingz is going to be so happy.

    ah pek – Dunno leh….Oi, dun imagine leh. I get nightmare if that poet with pipe come into my dream.

    hedonistics – I saw your avatar,must give you the Miss Universe. SPG also cannot fight.

    Wingz – Take Bryan’s advice. Find a C&P sifu and serve tea fast-fast.

    Samm – Hahaha, give the credit to Wingz for twisting some words. He made it really funny.

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