This is where I am going to spend the next 3 days

(photo of Pyramid Suite, Sunway)

Whee!!!!! Go answer my questions, please….

I am going to make sure that I get to stay indoors, in the suite as much as possible. And hopefully that CCB Acer of mine is back from the shop by tomorrow. Dang, I so very hate lousy after sales service. If only I had bought a Dell, if only I have bought a Dell, if only I had bought a Dell. (Acer was my atm’s choice ler) We sent it back because of speaker problem and that freaking repair has taken like two long weeks. They don’t know who they are messing with. Muahahahar…..And I am not going to tell them, just yet.

22 thoughts on “This is where I am going to spend the next 3 days

  1. Yalah! With a place like that, who needs to go out? Kick off ur shoes…relax…call room service…read a book…watch TV…and spend some time bragging on ur blog to let the others eat their hearts out (Ur kids not going, I hope!)

  2. ohhhhh, wat nice digs this is, i like, how much 4 a night? 2 bedrooms? wat other facilities you gonna get? got jacuzzi ah? The last place I’d stay this good was in Bali at Inter-continental. Cheers!

  3. Walaueh! Enjoy ok and come back with photos galore. Suite is lovely but donch lah stay in all day. You gotta go out there and take a bunch of photos to post for us. It’ll be interesting to see KL through your eyes.

  4. suituapui, wise crack coming, hope ur not checking for ticket on airasia website to fly there…let me remind u again, SHE’S MARRIED & SO R U..hehehe

  5. Wide angle lens can do wonder. 😉

    Acer? Working more than 10 years in IT, I never suggest people to buy Acer. Not because of their QC , but because of their parts and software drivers.

  6. moo_t – I know, I know but 66-79 sq.m is almost as big as my home so….

    froginkl – tq tq tq!

    kw – Hope so….’cos kids are there for the Asian X-games = hot sun, crowds but oooohhhh muscled young men, half naked, mainly rock climbers, skateboarders….drools HAHAHAHA

    wuching – Awww…you spoil my chance!

    MG – I wish I can the luxury of staying in.

    Joec – Nolah, not 4-figure la. Sunway Lagoon Resort fully booked so we stay here lor.

    STP – Aiyor…since the last 16 years (my first kid), I had never been anywhere without them. I will die of ‘miss-miss’ if I go alone.

  7. U think DELL is good service meh?
    I eventually giving up on their support team (even when I am a vendor/premier account reseller) that now I have to sort the problem myself, including opening up the insides of darling wife laptop (mine but wife conquer) to fix the problem.

    Acer is far cheaper and better.

  8. That’s the trouble with parents…get so accustomed to their kids. Can’t leave home without them (Like American Express)! Wuching jealous again…can’t possible fly all the way from Melbourne, no cheap(skate) Air Asia service!

  9. HAHAHAHA..Again!! Anyway..yes..I can vouch for STP on the statement of gettting accustomed to their kids. Basically his daughter is his poh poi kia (precious child) more of case his daughter is his pan jiu (handkerchief)

  10. What evil plot? Haiya, any hot-blooded male see beautiful woman sure try to hit on her one? But not me…not at my age! I won’t mind going though…want to bask in luxury. Don’t worry Lilian! Ur kids will be around, right? (And Wuching, don’t u dare suggest we lock them in the closet!!!)

  11. Aunty Lilian..make sure STP stays away from your kids..he might brainwash them and turn out more han sap than they already are … I leave more nasty remarks for Wuching on the matter of Aunty Lilian Kid’s and STP hahahahahahahaha

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