Does your penis LOLOLOL…size ruin your life?


I have been staring at these stupid spams that come in to all my mail boxes. I look south and am glad I have no penis. Otherwise, if I have, and I keep seeing these sort of mails, I think I will lose my male hood. *slaps self, how can I come up with crappy posts like these in the middle of the day?*

So, I wonder how the men feel to see these sort of assaults everyday? The moment you open your mail or your blog, wham, bang, “you got little weenie, little boy, you need my products?” ads?

Seriously……men, tell me lah! How do you feel getting these sort of reminders every day?


If you have not heard, I am now in the running with two of US most obnoxious folks for the Most Obnoxious Blogger Award.

You say kerng or not? You think it is so easy to be racing next to Perez Hilton and that other twisted person, whathisname in a race like this? So, help me. Left only a few days, they have hidden the number of votes but last I see, I was in #2 position after Perez Hilton. Vote for me, please…..

My site was nominated for Most Obnoxious Blogger!

If you do not know who is Perez Hilton, go Google it, you idiot!

15 thoughts on “Does your penis LOLOLOL…size ruin your life?

  1. I think it’s quite simple: confidence.

    I admit i do get these annoying mails but it has never bothered me at all.

  2. Kekeeke.. Ok, I’ve got to go ask around those fler who drive those big cars. They must be compensating for their “little” bro… šŸ˜‰

  3. I’m thinking of doing the following: send out tons of spam mail like that, collect the name of every single dimwit who replies, and post it all up on a site that says ‘THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE ARE INSECURE AS TO THE LENGTHS OF THEIR APPENDAGES’

  4. angie – LOL, yahor….

    #2 – Eh, want me to decide that I am not going to drive you to the skatepark today? *pray pray thunderstorm comes*

    xan – Wah, yr answer so truthful.

  5. The ONE – Stop the Ron Jeremy joke, can? Can puke lah. Wait I go call Terence come sue you for stealing his jokes. Just you wait.

    Where the hell is that Terence, still in lock-up ?

  6. dunno why but i have never received that email PPP supposedly sent me so i can confirm my login…so i could never wote! till today still never got it!

  7. Angie… muhahahar… darn good one.. I dont drive a big car you know and I’ve been married 30yrs! And wife is ever so happy and contented still !!! Muhahahar!!!

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