The good housewife

“HORRRR….mommy said the e-word!”

“Where got!!!????!!!! Mommy said chee ken”

“No mommy said the e word!” (a four years old who hasn’t been to kindie hear the consonant chi as e, ok?)

“No! Where got? You ask Jeff ko-ko and see what mommy said? Mommy said chiken!”

“I heard mommy said chi…..”

“Keep quiet and eat your longan.”


Longan thong sui for the kids.


Ang tau th’ng just like how I like it. Boiled with lots of sugar and minimum water. Before serving, add water to make it taste just right. This way, the beans are sweet but the soup is not.


Our lunch. Baked pasta.


Covered with chewy mozarella and flavoured with parmesan.

So, the good housewife not only cooks, she makes great thongsui and wrote shitloads of paid posts. All in one day. Just ignore the occasional cheebye that popped out of the mouth.

13 thoughts on “The good housewife

  1. Wah, you changed template like clothes lately leh? Nice one…Very neat.
    BTW, me never qualified as housewife, cannot cook. LOL! Tong sui can lah, anything with slow cooker only… *shy*

  2. I feel like drinking Milo now….I had spaghetti too for lunch =D
    Then I’m not qualified too, cannot make Tong Sui nor pasta, only can make milo.

    Btw my friend’s car plate number is CCB. LOL!!

    “That one looks like Ah XXX’s car.”

    “Where got, cannot see the CCB also.”

  3. zewt – Who, what, where go fed up? That one? Why risk it? I got kids, dude. You go lah.

    teo – LOL, many ppl dunno what CCB stands for, only bloggers, so nvm.

    shoppingmum – All the previous ones keep giving problems on diff browsers so I keep changing until no one complains.

    fookiat – That one my #1 son lah. Haiyor, you think I simply take any photo to be my banner meh?

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