Gaji day lorrr (Google is my boss)

A lot of people are still unaware that we can cash out our money received from Google Adsense through local banks/pejabat pos that carries the Western Union sign.

For October income, I can bring my bodyguards to CIMB today (any branch even if I don’t have account) and fill in a form and take the cold, hard cash and head to the nearest Parkson member’s day sale and blew it all…

google_gaji_nov copy

All I need are the :
1) The amount I am expecting
2) The MCTN number
3) The Google address in full
4) Photocopy of the IC (CIMB will make a photocopy)

A more serious tutorial is available on Make$ Money$ blog. While you are at the make money blog, go jeles sikit at the gadget I just bought.

Western Union doesn’t charge us anything and the exchange rate is not too bad either.

Thank you, Tuan Google. Saya sayanggggg sama lu. Muaksssss…

7 thoughts on “Gaji day lorrr (Google is my boss)

  1. pandora-eye – Reveal everything liao, where got shiok ler. But kurang-kurang oso enough to buy me one phone (RM2K+) per month lorrr. Jeles leh…

  2. samm – Hehehe, we two no more PMS-ing liao hor? Must wait another month baru can screw people again.

    huei – Got jalan wan, this ahseng. Wait I free-er time, I share my tricks. (chey, I lansi like problogger hor?)

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