As normal as normal gets

I cleared out the fridge just now. All those vege and things that I used to cook for him. The spinach has wilted, the brocolli has turned yellow and potato turned black. Throw everything into the dustbin. Took out the fish fillets meant for him and make sweet and sour fish for myself.


I added raspberry jam to the tomato ketchup to make this sweet and sour fish. Was suppose to be his meals. But then, he probably is somewhere out there, in a better place. At that time, hubby was out with his wife and CHILDREN to find the ideal resting place for him. They are looking for a columbarium to place his ashes.


I cooked the bitter gourd that I had earlier intended to make bitter gourd soup for him. I stir fried the bitter gourd with dried shrimps, tau cheow and added one salted duck’s egg. Hubby then phoned me to get Ah Chuan the undertaker’s phone number. Eheh this woman has Ah Chuan’s phone number in her contact list. How morbid, can I get?

Apparently, they had gone to four places where ashes can be interned but all the time, the family cannot find something they like.


I boiled some soup with the celery and carrots I had in my fridge. Was his portion of vege too. After some time, they went to Kek Lok Si temple. Prices for a square where you keep the ashes costs between RM600 (in some dark places with no windows) to RM50K for those which sits on the hill and face the sea. The fengshui theory is, sit hill, see sea is good fengshui for the future generations.


After I had prepared lunch for my children and eaten my own lunch, I had to rush out to College General for a meeting. While walking to my car, suddenly an idea or you can say a gentle prodding from somewhere told me something.

I phoned hubby, “Eh, dear, I think he wants to be buried in his hometown. Just take the grave’s earth back and make an altar at home. This way, he is still in his hometown and yet, the family can offer their prayers on certain days. Solve everything, right? Much more personalised than going to those cold, giant temples.” (Taoist has altar for their ancestors which they give honour during the deceased anniversaries and all those big festivals)

So, now, the family has gone back to their home and they are going to ‘ask him’ and ‘puak puey’ (throw of coin to ask for divine intervention for an answer). Gee…..I wonder if I concentrate hard enough, I can get divine messages on what empat nombor ekor will come out this weekend?

Anyway….it feels so good to be cooking a normal meal, eating it and be normal again. I think if things go the way it is supposed to go, I am going to be cooking for the Pope real soon. Hehehe. Not really but close enough.

Say lah, my lunch looks good!

17 thoughts on “As normal as normal gets

  1. And in case the kepochees want to know what is the other dish, it is pork with ginger, soya sauce and sesame oil. Non-halal mah, so I don’t put big big photo lorrr.

  2. ceh, your blog halal blog meh?
    can I go over to your house for dinner ah? Hungweeee…..LOL.
    Eh, “CHILDREN”…the unfiliel biyatch has returned issit?
    RM50k for a square to place the ashes?????!! 😯 wah, that is daylight robbery ler – fengshui my foot. *note to self – remind hubby and all family members to cremate me and throw ashes into the sea when d time comes, cheap and easy**

    Foongs last blog post..Of cancer and death

  3. foong – Habis liao lorrr….Yes, CHILDREN. Thank God, finally, last night. I wasn’t there and I think I shouldn’t cos I have nothing good to say. Saves me from ‘I have so much to say but I cannot say it’ constipation.

  4. Ok ler, you lunch looks good! 🙄

    CHILDREN lah. So came back already lah?

    If you get the 4D number, email me hor. No need wait for weekend, 2moro Wed lah. Can whack 99. :mrgreen:

  5. Gud.. slurp slurp. I wan to copy your bitter gourd. My ah bu’s version I ate for the past 30 yrs. Sian liau. Oh, so poot hau me 😕

    Kis last blog post..Childhood Ghosts

  6. If u wanna concentrate hard enough to get divine messages ..forget abt 4D nombor la..go find out where the next winning BIG SWEEPS ticket is! I’ll get it and we share share the sin ..OK? 😆

    9pek9bos last blog post..The AhNeh-Neh Rempit

  7. when i read this “At that time, hubby was out with his wife….” i thought “his wife”?? ma u lor! takkan he got another wife?? LOL

    Don’t forget to buy nombor ekor of his death cert and hearse. u so jaga him during him last days for sure he will poh pi u. :mrgreen:

  8. ur sweet and sour fish looks yum la… =P recipe ada?? Yum dinner.

    Yea, the square quite pricey lor. My uncle one (he was a Buddhist) oso around 10k leh. Some more damn far. Near snake temple there.

    Ping Pings last blog post..The law of seed

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