NEGARAKU? Nice wut?

Silencer and Caffeinbar voiced their thoughts on Negaraku being played in the cinema before movies.

I had dropped my comments there but must blog about this because it is very nostalgic indeed.

Back then, movie tickets only cost 40 cents. Bruce Lee wasn’t famous yet. The only show around was P. Ramlee movies, soppy tales from Taiwan and snakes movies from Bollywood.

Snacks available then is only a packet of eagle brand black kuacis. No pop corn, no coke. Only ice water in plastic bag. And pickled fruits in satay sticks.

When Negaraku is played, everyone stood up with so much patriotism. Some even put their fist on their heart. When the show starts, they clap. When the hero appears, they shout and clap even louder. If the villain appears, they boo. (And no, Silencer, you cannot seriously slap his head silly, hahahaha.) After the show is over, everyone gave a standing ovation and clap again.

Tell me? Do you think you can get this kind of ‘community’ feeling now? Back then, we were a much more harmonious and friendly country. Chinese, Malays, Indians, Punjabis, Eurasians and others were much, more open. They could make racial jokes and still be friends. Try muttering something racial under your breath today and see what happen?

Today, even the same race also can get into arguments. Politics seeped into religion. Back then, when we had an election, there were so many independent parties like the umbrella, iron, pen and other symbols. People choose to become politicians because they want to help the rakyat.

So, if Negaraku is going to be played at movies, I would say, good what? Who knows, maybe we are heading towards something good? It is not cool not to know our own country national anthem, you know?

Come on, 1 2 3, sing!

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta
Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

22 thoughts on “NEGARAKU? Nice wut?

  1. **Disclaimer**
    Don’t believe a word I said because I was only 6-7 years old then. And I don’t give a f*ck what they want to do in cinemas because I don’t have the chance to go to the movies for a long, long time. Last show was The Incredibles, the rest Uncle Ho. Heck, I don’t care if they want to play Negaraku every half hour during movies or you have to bring a flag and wave throughout the show. HOHOHOHO.

  2. I’ll prolly sound unpatriotic here. It’s time for an update, a reitalised version. I mean, c’mon, how many in the post-independence generation can relate to ‘tanah tumpah darah ku?”
    Besides, the tune is so… so… lumbering… it sounds funereal. Imagine what it must sound like being played at the Olympics winners podium (if ever!) compared to other national anthemns.
    If we can’t manage patriotism, national identity mighn’t be so hard.
    For example, The AUST anthemn is a nice one that post-war gens easily relate to. Contemporary tune, a distinct sense of belonging, and multi ethnic cultural origins. Very much in keeping with the times imo. So sue me, I cringe to have to sing (can’t relate either to ‘land where I spill my blood’ hype) singing the Negara Ku.

  3. I think Negaraku is fine the way it is even though I have to admit it’s abit slow and all. I sometimes even accidentally sing it faster than the song itself. But we should just leave it as it is, if so, maybe change the beat but not the lyric.

    Not many post-independence generation can relate to “Tanah Tumpah Darahku” but at least it would remind them of how much our country heroes have sacrificed for us to enjoy the kind of peace we have today.

    I remember going to State in PJ (not US ok) and I was kinda young that time…if I’m not mistaken, they too played Negaraku…ahahha…entahlah..maybe I’m imagining stuffs. And I have to agree with you Lilian, people those days were living more harmoniously those days than now (according to my mom) but I have had the chance to experience that kind of harmony when I go back to KB. Thank goodness ppl are still nice there compared to in KL

    Now when I think about this, I think I will blog about something related to this whole topic.

  4. Ok…I am definitely imagining things. I just read that you were 6-7 years old during the time when they play Negaraku in the cinema…I was prolly somewhere up there waiting to jump into any mother’s womb =P

  5. actually, i prefer the ‘Negaraku’ to be slow, so you can actually ‘menghayati’ the song. especially if when you sing it, the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ is being hoisted up the flagpole… iskk… something just takes over. as for playing the nat’l anthem before movies in the cinema, maybe a trial run during merdeka week? it’s just that you know how some people arrive late @ their designated cinema, i’d think it wouldn’t be nice if they just barge in during the nat’l anthem…

  6. It is disgusting when thick skin politikus start “patriotism” craps (this includes Mr X, Mr Y, Mr Z).

    48 years is not a short time for Malaya, and 37 years (when Malaysia formed) is enough for Malaysia to mature. It seme somebody REFUSE to growth up. Or perhaps they DECIDE(no pretending here, politikus can define anything they like, including the history, something they learning from Yapunis ) the people never growth up.

  7. I think the national anthem is fine for victory celebrations (F1, olympics, Commonwealth Games …) where the whole stadium hails the victor and his/her nation. Even on the radio and tv at the beginning and the end. But I am unsure whether it is a good idea to play it at cinemas, a hundred times a day everyday. I got an idea: why not play it at traffic lights when it’s red, so drivers can listen to it while twiddling their thumbs?

  8. What I realize from this is that, be grateful for whatever you’ve now.

    If you feel that you’re not satisfied with whatever you’ve now, it’s ur choice to create something that serve your belief system well.

    I remain hopeful towards Malaysia and malaysians that, there will always a better day for everyone of us to live in. I’m visualing it.

    Love is in the air, anywhere everywhere. šŸ™‚

  9. last time back in my hometown they play the state song in the cinemas before the movie begins.

    & there would be a notice on the screen “penonton diminta berdiri ketika lagu negeri dimainkan”.

    some ppl actually stand. we no bother. just sit & continue eating porridge (yes, my fren actually tapow’d that into the cinema) & laugh at those who stood up.

    we so unpatriotic then.

  10. I remember the eagle brand black kuacis but don’t really recall having to sing the Negaraku. But don’t think it will work (instilling patriotism) coz ppl tend to take for granted – macam advertisement, you know.

  11. EEmm.. i guess ppl will only go in after NegaraKU being sang. But hey! Can force them to sing when they buy ticket ma rite? No sing, no ticket! šŸ˜€ Or give more subsidy lor, each person will get free drink if they are inside while NegaraKU being played.

  12. Joe, good idea, go propose to Parlimen? Make it compulsory for karaoke joints that all patrons must start with Negaraku before they can sing other songs. hahaha

    bkworm – I do wonder if it is because our current PM mouth is less pedas and hence, more morons start to speak up. Like the email address for newborns. Kahkahkah

    Lynee – I just remember – I haven’t change your URL. Will do that soon. Wah, your hometown so keng chau? Can eat porridge, hahaha.

    SK – You are have very flowery language today.

    fishtail – I mailed but probably got the address wrong. Re-mail again. ( change to gmail, kay poh mah)

    fishtail – They may make a fool out of it. Now that you said it, right, last time, cinemas only have ONE show, 3 times a day. Now, they have 20-30 shows simultaneously, like 8 times a day. So, in the end, Negaraku will be meaningless.

    moo_t – You ever think about becoming a politikus to make the wrongs, right? Hey, it is a good idea, no?

    zyrin – I like the older version, more solemn. With Jalur, you can tap, so the bendera also terlompat-lompat.

    S-Kay – Agree with you also.

    Percolator – Actually, our church play Negaraku on every Merdeka and we sing it after Holy Communion. There is a certain feel to it and I would say ‘tanah tumpahnya darah ku’ is more to remind us that we should have the willingness to defend our country (in the case of wars) with our lives. Hmm…I am very patriotic, hate me. And when it comes to the part of Tuhan, I feel the Lord’s blessings. So, I like the Negaraku as it is.

    Simon – hehehe, who knows, one day they say all bloggers must use Negaraku as our background music and then, we must stand when reading blogs. Hohohoho.

    Mei – The fast version doesn’t seem right, you agree? Nothing solemn to it.

    Yuen Li – Ya, we have the pom-chak-chak version.

  13. Thanks Lilian for reminding me on those things. Though no all these are familiar with me, but I do remember we used to be happier with such a simple life we used to have. Nowadays we are getting more complicated, and hard to be pleased. Negaraku? I remember when I was small, when TV played the song, I really stood up and sang along. Now? I don’t remember when was the last time it was played?

  14. really? Good on you.
    I really wouldn’t mind singing it if it were more uplifting and make my heart swell with a sense of belonging. Unfortunately Negaraku with it’s lumbering cadence just doesn’t rouse anything of that sort in me.
    My church does ‘Bapa Kami’ perhaps once a month. That’s fine and it’s nationalistic/patriotic enough for me. Bottomline, there’s no better way to show patriotism than to pay taxes, imo.

  15. I heard that Philippine still doing this…I can’t image how it will look like if the idea really being implemented in Malaysia…I hope it won’t happend because i go cinema very often and i go cinema just to watch movie!!! Not to sing negaraku for god dammit =.= If wanna sing go back home only sing la…primary school, secondary school that time also sing liao la….What if they play the negaraku but no one willing to stand? It will be a disgrace! And who is responsible to control the crowd so that they will stand up when our national anthem is played? Hire prefects?? I wonder who came up with this “brilliant” idea?? Too free nothing to do issit? Don’t tell me by doing this will make us more patrotic because OBVIOUSLY it won’t. period.

  16. i recently worked with a GLC (govt linked company). friday am was our normal group meeting. meeting start as usual, after 5 min, one of my collegue sigh loudly … ayaaaa … lupa nak nyanyi negaraku …

  17. IMHO play it…i dont mind.

    there is this time when i visit our national day parade in putrajaya. After all the parade went by…everybody start moving and make noise, laughing, chatting and whatever. Its chaotic.

    Then all the sudden the negaraku played. Its seem sureal and i almost cried. Everyone stop moving and talking….at the same time! and slowly everyone (yes i meat the thousand of hectic and chaotic spectators) including the tourist faced the flag and sang the negaraku. I never felt that proud like that…

    so i say play it in the cinema…

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