Dumb-ass Ray in your comment section

Dear fellow bloggers

These last few days, I had been getting this dumb-ass comment over and over again

“Another great post!”

First post usually goes like this:

I’m a new reader of your blog. U did a great job there n 2 thumbs up for the creative effort. Keep blogging…


As if I need someone to tell me that. All my post are great, ok?

A few days ago, one blogger wrote about the suicide of someone she knows. Guess what this dumb-ass wrote?

“Another great post!”

So, ladies and gentlmen, boys and girls,

If you get a comment from this fler, get rid of him. Ban him. MT Blacklist him. I had seen him around several blogs.

Name : RAY@NYC
Email provided : sedaya@excite.com
IP :
Website : (I won’t give you dumb-ass the glory)

Message for dumb-ass : Go learn a few English words first before dropping emoticons and that single stupiak ‘Another great post’ line.

13 thoughts on “Dumb-ass Ray in your comment section

  1. Got angry mom? This is another not so intelligent SPAMMER crime maybe. You can report it to myCERT if its soo annoying and bothersome. Hopefully if he/she can comment on my blog oneday. 😉

  2. Yup he hit my site too and surfing through the various blog sites it seems he has been everywhere spamming posts to attract people to his site. Seems more like blog graffitti to me. If you can’t spend the time to write original comments on someone’s blog means that you either did not read the entries and just giving yourself publicity or you’re a just plain lazy. True aunt lilian never see you this angry at people posting.

  3. 9T9 – Your turn will come. Hahaha.

    Kervin – He does have a nice site but it is clearly he is not interested in our blog but just driving traffic over. So, must tell him, helllloo…it is not ok to do so.

  4. Most probably he haven’t heard of http://www.petalingstreet.org.

    Oii tau keh! Go there ping!!! Make your life much more easier. I know I write much more better than Lilian, OPSS! Correction – Lilian write much more better than me. Dont have to remind me that!!!

  5. Darn, I would never have guessed. It was by sheer coincidence he wrote “…2 thumbs up for the creative effort. Keep blogging…” immediately after I updated my blog template and I thought he was for real LOL.

  6. Tinkerbell – It made you sort of like being cheated, right?

    Wingz – Hahaha you also?

    Joe – Noleh, he really attention seeker, been to every blog, leaving the same comment everyday.

  7. finally… someone speaks up about him. He was very insensitive to put “Another great post!” in a fellow blogger’s comment when the post was bout the suicide of a friend. Really tarnish the blogosphere.

  8. I wrote one or two moderately long posts and I almost thought it was sincere… =\

    I don’t think he’s really a spammer, he had a good idea to try to promote his blog and try to give compliments. That’s a good idea but the execution didn’t work out well.

    My two sen.

  9. Jimmy – I got that too but they spam my old blogs. Last time, I set to moderate before appearing. So, I can easily delete them from my admin panel.

    Andy – I agree. His blog is nice but he has to communicate, i.e. know the blogger and place sincere comments instead of going around each person blog and said ‘Another great post, two thumbs up.’

    Ken – Ya lor, that’s what sets me off. I mean, if got nothing to say, don’t say. If no time to read the blog, don’t visit. Right or not?

  10. I saw that fella before. I visited his blog too. Lots of pictures. BTW his attempt to spam mine was being blocked by my SpamKarma. Because he has bad karma and sent to hell. gegege

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