Hustler is hacked (and other stuffs)

Hi Lillian,
Hustler Diaries is hacked and the entries deleted; blog is being controlled by someone else.
Pls tell all the brothers and sistahs ya!

I’ll be back in another blog…


Best Wishes,


I got this in my gmail. MX (Hustler’s name been taken out ‘cos I am not sure if he wants it to be shown) wrote to me. Hmm…what’s going on, folks?

Seriously, I am tired looking at people churning out post after post on KahSoon, too. I mean, don’t you guys have more important thing to do? Why la go quote after quote on the same subject? Do you all ever take every posts on Rojakz seriously? So, how can you all believe all these sue here, sue there parody? (Added : I mean, why take every words so seriously? I did not say that what Rojakz site said is not true.)


*haih* Grow up! Or go ogle the 11 girls on the calendar on Eyeris’s site. I said ELEVEN.

And to you, Hustler bro, I keep those words you shared with me once – Together, we are strong! God bless!

29 thoughts on “Hustler is hacked (and other stuffs)

  1. lol and i was talking with Rojak happily few days ago haha. Sue here sue there go minum susu la. Rojak you made me as famous as Paris Hilton liao leh hahah.

  2. don’t you guys have more important thing to do?

    erm… really nothing more important then bashing that guy at the moment lah… 😛

  3. yes, we dont care if you get famous or rich by blogging, it is just your irritating behaviour and close-minded attitude that pissed everybody off…

    i felt pity for the bloggers who have been ruined by you. You featured them in hottestblogger without their permission, until they have to shut down their blog.

    Unlike you who is a traffic whore, they have their own dignity. Come on, not every chick want to be on your hottestblogger pageant la. be considerate, you ruined people life

  4. n305er – Nice oso hor? Can find one for me to bash oso?

    kahsoon – Soli, I change the title. Agree it was misleading earlier.

  5. crashdumper – Ellloo, this is not Kahsoon’s site la. I don’t support what he did but that’s his business. Wrong blog, wei.

  6. lilian, kahsoon is a very sensitive word in the blogsphere right now. Publish that name, all you get is traffic and some angry mobs will throw hate comments at you.

  7. LOL WTF?

    “hehe no worries, me and rojaks are ok now. Maybe find him go yum cha tomorrow”

    that’s like a whole truckload of bullshit..

  8. I sure hope hustler backup his postings. COmputer savvy ppl are lazy lots. They know they should back up, but somehow or another felt that ‘it could only happen to somebody else’. lol

  9. helen – This is the 2nd time, I think. Frankly, why would anyone bother about Hustler? He is not controversial on the blogsphere, right? He is entertaining us, right?

    Penny – About Hustler, it’s about Hustler now.

    chin wei – Good for traffic spike, while it lasts. Try my method, sapot Kah Soon and you get real popular real fast. Hahaha.

  10. I don’t know about you guys but I stopped reading Hustler after it became a porno site using pictures of naked Japanese girls to attract ad revenue. He used to be good though.

  11. eh lilian… no lah… i’m not some moral defender of the universe kind of fella… i enjoy my porn as much as the next guy… the thing is hustler stopped becoming a blog at some point and more of a porn site ( a poor porn site at that ). what’s NSFW? ;p

  12. NSFW = Not safe for work. If you post something objectionable or not safe for everybody, your blog is classified as NSFW. Things such as porn, excessive violent, profanity, etc.

  13. JoeC – You no read my comments meh? I knew liao la. This is call blogging lor.

    chinwei – Tks for explaining to WyeJon.

    wyejon – It brings on the bucks, so I guess it still serves a purpose. LOL. Don’t flame me, I am just assuming. I think there is nothing wrong with blogging for money. People set up websites for some reasons, and that’s fine too, right?

    buaya – Yalah, Hustler got it again. *going to safeguard my blog liao, cold sweats*

  14. jared – I am sure Rojakz is going to be so pleased to be linked to jason calacanis – the Blogebrity!

    Rojakz, you are femes liao. Lei duck jor, ammah!

  15. Hello..?! “The Hustler?” Have you read his later entries?

    His site has turned into a porn site. Not that it was PG to begin with. What else does he post besides sex stories? This was before it was “hacked”. The past weeks all he does is post pictures of naked women, and then asks readers to “help publicize my site”, so he can make money off the many ads (some of them porn ads.)

    What an irresponsible person.

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