You love me? = (You can’t scold me then)

Absentmindedly washing the previous night dinner plates. (big amount)

Plotting in the mind whether to write about dowries or ignorant parents who can’t differentiate what is computer and what is internet and yet, proudly sign up streamyx.

Toddler disturbed my train of thoughts and look at me sheepishly.


Photo taken at the park. I kinda like the purple, green and red background which blends with the box of Ribena.

Toddler : Mommy…….

Me : Yes…..

Toddler : You got love me?

Me : Yesssss….of course!

Toddler looked more sheepishly with tilted head and grin (something similar to above pic)

Toddler (in sweetest voice) : Mommy cannot scold, hor?

Me : No lah…mommy never scold, mommy only love.

Light bulb suddenly blinks in my head. Red alert!

Me : Why mommy scold!!!!????!!!!!!

Toddler walked out of kitchen grinning.

Several minutes later. I was geting out of the kitchen.

WTF! Why is the floor so sandy?


Moral of the story : If someone loves you, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to screw it and hope you don’t get scolded. Only two years old toddlers think that way and get away.

By the time I swept the bedroom, kitchen and living room floors, the fire died down already.

12 thoughts on “You love me? = (You can’t scold me then)

  1. Ha Ha ..sadly, not only 2 year old thinks that. There are alot of ppl way over 2 years old who still thinks that ….!! Probably their brain suffered stunted growth wherelse everywhere else is fine…

    “If you love me you should understand we men need to go male bonding on Saturday night….” (with you alone taking care of the kids at home….) Puke!!

  2. HAHAHA!!! omg….ur kid’s REALLY cute!! no wonder i always cant wait to see him. sadly i missed him the other day. cheeky fella, know how to con his mummy. lol =P

  3. When children ask if they’re being loved, you KNOW they’ve done something WRONG (or that they’re guilty about).
    It’s the same when children are grown up.
    Tapi nasib baik only spill rice, not set the cat on fire…. šŸ˜‰

  4. He’s so cute!

    I used to be like that and still, Mum didn’t let me get away with it.

    Maybe mummies of today have learnt to understand what “love” is.

  5. Hey, your toddler reminded me of myself! Hahaha.. I guess we all used to do that at one point in our lives, to make Mum feel bad for scolding us šŸ™‚

  6. he’s just too cute for words. i so want to cuddle and uli-uli him.

    cannot tahan oredi! UmmmmmmMM!

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