Precious photos


Ching Ming 2006. Bright and clear. My parents-in-law grave.


No Ching Ming is complete without little kids doing the mandatory placing papers on the grave. My boys had not been up the hill for the last few years because Vincent was born, Vincent died and finally, we got all these behind us. Thank you, Jesus!


Oooh….Ohkau, my 2nd bro-in-law brought this for my father-in-law. Real ones, not paper type. 2nd bro-in-law, bachelor boy seems to get lucky every year. He had sponsored roasted pig for the last few years. Heard that he strike 4D. Bless him!


My four kids. Eldest was carrying youngest, partially hidden. This is true prosperity to me. Whenever they are up there, the whole place is bright and clear already. Praise the Lord.

Surf over to my Food Haven for more pics, non-halal varieties.

Four graves done, one more to go. My parents one. I am beginning to like bringing flowers!

12 thoughts on “Precious photos

  1. P/S – My photos are all so dem nice! I am so clever! šŸ™‚ Who wants to hire me to photograph graves. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜›

  2. wahhh… at last! was waiting for ur update! hehehe… i think i have a dependency on ur blog liao.. hahaha… was reading some other people’s blogs (friends’ included) and i was on the verge of tears coz i felt disgusted with myself after reading theirs.. reading ur blog makes me much happier! so i’ll stick to ur blog and ur regulars.. enough liao!!

  3. Your eldest son is a big boy liao!! Solid summore wor!!! (got gf already ar?)lol

    Nice pics! Why want to be a grave photographer wor?? Go and be a wedding photographer lar… your skills are getting better and better!! lol

  4. Helen – Yeah, he is taller than me and I am 5′ 6″! Graves dun run nor move so easier to take photos mah. And dead men don’t grumble. LOL.

    king’s wife – 3, 10, 14 and 16. (Vincent wud have been 5). So basically, I have wide gaps between each kid.

    soleilina -Blush, blush. Hope you have a nice weekend! Wuah, the rain this morning so heavy, it cut short our prayers. Good oso la, less time I need to socialise. Hahaha. The grave is at Relau there.

  5. thanks.. šŸ™‚ hope u have a good one too. Going to have my fav indian food this evening with my family. *drool* yeh, the heavy rain gave me such a nice slumber… missed the cool mornings…

  6. I can see where your investment goes, Lilian. Such a bunch of handsome boys. You must be veli proud of them !!! My children cost me an arm n a leg – new shoes n gears, new puters, school fees, new car etc)
    You will never forget Vincent (God bless) and must reconcile with the loss for the sake of the livings. Peace sister.

  7. foodcrazee -Hey, take it as annual exercises to climb hill. grandma will be please, i am sure.

    9394 – I read and comment liao lor. First one to comment thim.

    david – tks!

    soleilina – enjoy

  8. yeah, such handsome boys!! i can totally understand wat u meant by “this is true prosperity to me” even though i’m not a mother yet!

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