Why it is a bad idea to have a blogger as mom or wife…

because when the sink is blocked….

all she does is to hover around….

with her blardy camera….


while poor husband has to sweat it out with the plunger…


keep pumping, keep pumping and all she does is to snap photo after photo because it is bloggable material. It can be used for several blog titles like ‘How to unplug a blocked sink’, ‘How to irk your husband to the max’, ‘Why you should marry a DIY man’, ‘Plumbers turn me on’, ‘Plumbing is just like sex’…..etc etc.


Meanwhile, poor eldest son has to squat at the other end of the sink to unplug it. His blogger mom click, click, click with the camera.

“You so free, come and help lah, Mak Oi!” Eldest annoyed with the flashing lights popping over his head.

“Me? Eeek…cannot, so dirty water, I geli wan. Later I allergy, no lah, you so big already, must learn some plumbing works.” The blogger mom replied.

Then, while the poor men were still hunting for the blocked portion, she is happily downloading the photos on to her laptop and uploading to Flickr, in the comfort of the aircond bedroom.


Meanwhile, all those stuffs that had been dugged out to do the plumbing works, remain on the floor….

because the wife and mom is busy blogging about the mess.

Moral of the story – Next time, before you marry, sign some pre-nuptial agreement or something that your future spouse will not be a blogger. Never, ever.

*Aiyor, I accidentally ter-off my comments board earlier. Soli lah, komen sikit lah.*

26 thoughts on “Why it is a bad idea to have a blogger as mom or wife…

  1. hai ya auntie….

    that moral of the story haa, really kena me one..
    if only my gf read this…. kantoi maaa… definitely she will increase that hantaran if i don’t quit my blogging job…


  2. your hubby is good. If lawrence hor, he will say “let’s call the plumber”. Potong steam only. Wanna see how man he is also cannot liau.

  3. Lilian, you’re lucky to have a live -in lumber cum ATM šŸ™‚ So unfair , men can do house repairs half nekked but if women do the same, “things” gonna get stuck hor??LOL

  4. LOL, not only that! If you get a wife/daughter/sister like me who likes to take photos, I always get asked during makan outings “so, u finish oredi onot ah? we all can start eating oredi onot ah? food cold liao lar”

  5. aiya, blog blog la but have the help ma, but if help how to blog lei, susah lor so get a photo zoom lens and take picture from afar. Cheers!

  6. Aiyoohh tukar baru lah!!!


    Next time when he plunges hor, close the outlet of the other sink. If not all the air escape from the other side so no use pluging.

  7. How to unclog drains: 1. Try boiling water. 2. Can buy the anti-clogging powder in grocery store. Pour in and after a while, pour in hot water. 3. Use hose to fill other end of the drainpipe with water, release and let the water rush out. Every stinky thing in the drain will come out together. Reminds me of song (rated 18SX): “If I were a plumber’s son, if I were to marry…I’d marry myself a plumber’s daughter…more than any other. I can pump, and she can pump, we can pump together…in the middle of the night, pumping one another. Repaet for farmer, carpenter, mechanic etc etc etc! Oops!!!

  8. for a father blogger how? while doing all this… take the camera tripod, put behind, set timer, do yer job while the camera shoot u live..click. next move it down, click..so susah wow. isk isk isk.
    And today hopefully no dirty job like this… *check my post* .. i want to rest šŸ˜‰

  9. Good leh…Got DIY man cum ATM in da house. Can save lots of repairing cost šŸ™‚

    Next time get a bottle or two of Power Max Clog Remover. It’s really useful during emergency like this. After knowing about this product, I did not have anymore of that problem. I can imagine how your ATM can withstand the stench from the pipe. Yucks!! Anyway, just drop by any of the Cosway outlet, you can get it for less then RM5. šŸ™‚

  10. It’s just as bad having a blogger for a hubby. Just ask my missus. She wanted to strangle me when she was being wheeled in to the labour ward while in the midst of a very intense contraction and I was snapping pictures of her because …. it’s very worthy blog material. Hurhur!

  11. if jules is doing something and i started taking photos and say going to blog about it… she might just give me a slap!

  12. nah, itu dia! told u not to stuff rubbish down the drain like in the movies, that one they got rubbish disposal installed wan! hehehehe…btw, lu kena tagged lagi coz i lafu u deep deep mah!

  13. See? I told you right? Sure got this and that right? Better off nia!. TL154 LC4.

  14. terence – I very busy, about to dash out again. But hor, wtf r u doing online? GM leh? Niamah, ok lah, tl155 lc5. This looks nicer.

  15. LOL, you are SO right. I think there are times when hubby is regretting (big time) that he ever got me the laptop!

  16. This is true. Before I started blogging, I did all these works around the house. Now if anything happen, I call hubby and rush to get my camera. Haha.

  17. It’s the opposite here. My wife is so fed up of my taking pictures at every opportunity.

    “Not again”

  18. Waah itu almari serupa Captain Caveman punya rambut.. semua pun ada. If you younger people donno what I’m talking about imagine Doraemon’s Bag. All oso got. Lilian, I not criticising ar! my car boot lagi banyak barang mia so gua lagi menang sama you!!

  19. You are really lucky that he let you post those pictures, lol. I don’t know many men that would do that…

  20. i sleep 2.30 to 3 am evernight, my hubby says i am neglecting him.. that i have love affair with the pc more than him. i think he may ban me from using the pc after 1.30am soon, if not at all šŸ˜›

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