Orang utan

The Kedah-Perlis FA cup is at the Batu Kawan’s stadium but the jam leading to the Batu Kawan stretch for more than 10 KM right up to Seberang Jaya and beyond. We just got back from Bukit Tambun which is near the Batu Kawan’s stadium but we are going on the opposite direction. The jam is caused by two toll booths. I wonder why PLUS didn’t let everyone pass through without paying toll? They won’t lose much and it will at least make sure the spectators from Kedah and Perlis got to the stadium in time. So, next time if I become a politician, I will do that. Give free pass so that no one gets stressed out.


Do you know that orang utan wear disposable diapers? Awww…the babies stay in a nursery just like our babies.


Three baby orang utans placed in the nursery with their own crib and toys.


Iguana. I was hoping if I lie down next to it, it will change colour to pink as well. But I got the wrong reptile. I think this is not the chameleon. No wonder it stays green. Or is it because of my kid’s green shirt?

(before animals activists get berserk, the orang utans are on the island but we humans are in a tunnel-like cage. So, don’t get rabid over animal cruelty, ok? They are on rehabilitation program and will be returning to the jungles in Sarawak. That’s what I am told lah.)

And everybody say ‘hi’ to Terence Lilian. He is mighty grumpy. He stays on the Bukit Merah, Orang Utan island along with Atan, Malik, Ah Leng (chai) and many other orang utans.

(pic kena photoshop a bit bcos of ugly sweat spots, ok?)

Heh, I love python. And Terence the Handsome, you kenot edit my post hor. The law said so on page 199, para 69 on line 6.9! (Sue me lah!!!)

**added : go see what Penang My A$$ is)

22 thoughts on “Orang utan

  1. Hi, Lilian,

    It looks like you like pink very much..ya ??…;D I didn’t like pink last time but because of the influence of my students ,especially those who are 4 – 6 years old, I started to fall in love with pink.

    The children look just so sweet in pink. I even have a 6 year old girl who likes pink so much that she always shows me her dress,clothes whenever she has a class.
    ” Teacher, here also pink”…she pointed to her pink underwear…haha..;D

  2. wahahahhaha first time i see people edit pics because of sweat spots … hahaha

    *** tips 99869 from kukujiao.com
    wear shirts which will not show off any sweat spots next time … hahahaha

    ohhh aunty u bagus la … u link that Cely, and never link me … somemore that title is MINE!!!

    sue u then u know …

  3. hahahaha, if u din tell, i also dunno got sweat spot. u make it more obvious :p

    earl: i got more pictures showing in my blog ma.. urs onli 2.. wahahha :p dun jelous

  4. terence – Cipet lu! I also notice liao. That one my baby mah, with the orang utan name errr……… *falls off bed laffing too hard*

    ehon – He memang pandai posing lah. Got more but all my pics got sweat spots so I malas wanna photoshop off. LOL
    Cannot blame me cos I go jungle trekking mah.

    cely – Cos in my other kick-ass computer with 19″ inch monitor, it is so obvious so I better own up first. Hahaha. Ketiak oso sweats.

    earl – Your post dun have so many a$$e$ mah.

    moby – Cos that one not so obvious. The other pic can see the bra shape. Hahaha.

    agnes – Wow, that snake weighs 50KG, crush my head oso turn to mince meat. So dare not even think that time. Later it senses, habis I turn into pulp.

    sasha – Hahaha, the big snake muscle really hard, really long. And the skin so velvety. My photoshop skill lousy, I only know how to replace colour so better tell or else ppl see liao, say it, I lagi paiseh.

    helen – Big long thing sexy.

    ree nee – Yalor, wear pampers and got toys somemore. So cute lah.

    vedis – Not really lah, this t-shirt I bought from FOS, two for RM23. No other colour choices mah. I cheapskate wan.

    hao – Actually, I also heard lor. But the keeper said it is harmless so I kenot resist. So exotic hor.

    ahpek – Dun jeles lah..that one snake oni. Hahaha.

    wuching – I think they said he is very old also. Very grumpy.

    terence – Got lah, my kid wee-wee on your behalf.

  5. hey lilian,

    I was trapped in the jam!!!! All of a sudden, everybody just got out from the cars & walked towards the stadium, leaving people like us behind & trapped between cars. Police traffic officers were not doing their duties. Only one police officer was walking up and down the road trying to solve our problem. There rest were just sitting in groups! Damn them all!!!
    I wrote about it here: http://clsy3e.blogspot.com/2007/07/trapped-in-chaos-at-stadium-negeri-batu.html

  6. earl-ku – nope, i was just trying to share my experience on the jam & what did the police did about it

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