My little darling misses his bros and wants me to be his playmate

My little boy is so used to having all his brothers at home because it is the school holidays over here. Every morning, from the moment he wakes up till he sleeps, he follows bro #3 around and they keep themselves entertained all day long. Sometimes, he will snuggle up with bro #1 because he treats bro #1 like a big teddy bear.

In fact, I can leave him with all his three bros and go out for some errands because he enjoys staying home with them. However, they have all gone out today. Bro #1 to college and Bros #2 and #3 to some creative talents camp in church.

So, the poor kid has ‘no friends’ at home except for hubby and I. He wanted me to play some racing game with him but I get dizzy from all those flashy graphics, chasing and turning. We can only read so much and write so much. It is hard to keep a five years old occupied from morning till evening. Sigh….the brothers aren’t coming home until late tonight. It is a four-days camp so looks like I have to think of lots of things to keep him busy.

Lucky there are some educational games which both of us can play together. Actually, there are some very good sites like Knowledge Adventure which offers educational games. I only wish they offer some free online games for kids because nowadays, even little boy like mine knows how to search for games online. There is nothing like a free sampling of free online educational games to get the kids to scream for more, more, more. That way, it will get their mommies to buy the games package, isn’t it?

All my boys have practically grew up with Jumpstart. They learnt counting, maths, grammar and all those kiddies games which enhance knowledge in a fun environment. I notice they learn faster with interactive games they play on the computer compared to things they learn in their kindie.

As it is, my little boy now can read on his own, write and do simple maths. And he hasn’t even enter kindie yet. Next year, when I send him, it is more for him to learn some social skills. And I cannot wait to send him off to kindie for half a day. It will be blissful to have the house all to myself. Nice….*thinking of things to occupy self when little boy is away at school*

Let me count the things…

1) No need to wake up with a slap on the face and a shout, “MOMMY, faster!!! I need to poo poo/drink milk/watch cartoon!!!”

2) Whole morning to pamper self without someone tagging behind me, asking gazillion of questions

3) Enjoy my morning breakfast, ogling uncles

4) Go for long walks in the park

5) **gosh, I wouldn’t want all that, I only want my baby at home**

Sigh…back to play the role of a five years old playmate.

5 thoughts on “My little darling misses his bros and wants me to be his playmate

  1. OOOO!!! JumpStart! i loved those games when i was in primary. Those 3-9th grade games really is very useful. Altho u don’t really knwo what happened with the american history, but the other subjects are really interesting especially maths =P

  2. haha..ur 5years old kid like very active wor lilian ahyi..not bad not bad..i also hope got a baby play with me at home..better 3months – 1years old baby haha.. :mrgreen:

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  3. Lilian

    My comments might come a little late. 19 june already where you posted it on june 4.

    In my wife ( has been talking about you quite a while which I didn’t bother to visit your blog. My wife is a big fan of you.

    I am actually all your old article (cause I darn farking free today).

    You left your boys at home to do some errands. Is there any adults at home at that time? Aren’t you scared that they will play with fire, hot water or etc?

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