I notice a spike in traffic from Malaysiakini to my faith blog. And after doing translation, I found that it is the same post quoted by Kwong Wah the other day. The other day, I didn’t quite get the translation but now, I got it meaning already.

Wow, I am so proud can die. The Chief Minister of Penang, use a quote by me to describe what will happen to doormats. Can you freaking believe it? What I said, is repeated by the Chief Minister to describe what will happen to our State Government if we keep giving an inch every time people demands it?

So, Mr. CM, got vacancy or not? I can work for free because :

1) I super kwailan
2) I am your #1 fan
3) I got a serious case of DAPititis

and I think I got a serious crush. Muahahar…

5) I am already married to an accountant so I know temperaments of accountant best.

Kahkahkah..perasan post, I know.