So proud can die (Malaysiakini Chinese edition)

I notice a spike in traffic from Malaysiakini to my faith blog. And after doing translation, I found that it is the same post quoted by Kwong Wah the other day. The other day, I didn’t quite get the translation but now, I got it meaning already.

Wow, I am so proud can die. The Chief Minister of Penang, use a quote by me to describe what will happen to doormats. Can you freaking believe it? What I said, is repeated by the Chief Minister to describe what will happen to our State Government if we keep giving an inch every time people demands it?

So, Mr. CM, got vacancy or not? I can work for free because :

1) I super kwailan
2) I am your #1 fan
3) I got a serious case of DAPititis

and I think I got a serious crush. Muahahar…

5) I am already married to an accountant so I know temperaments of accountant best.

Kahkahkah..perasan post, I know.

14 thoughts on “So proud can die (Malaysiakini Chinese edition)

  1. wah… u r one serious admirer of tht eng tau bar CM!! u virtually glow in the dark standing beside him. how many days did u not wash yr hands after shaking hand wt CM?

    JTs last blog post..Golf

  2. amboi.amboi, amboi nyampah betoi nengok kak lillian posing ngan Ketua Menteri yang hensem bagaikan teruna dan dara sedang hangat bercinta(gambar yang bawah). Jeles la ni!!. Btw, congratz on your article being posted on Malaysiakini..

  3. hyperX – The WP t-shirt is from UK, made in USA and official WP t-shirt that cost me almost RM100! LOL, bo pien, I am a WP fansee. I wore it to most DAP functions cos red is DAP official colour. BTW, I didn’t get invited to the functions one, I gate crashed to stalk only. Hahaha.

    endah – Ini dipanggil shiok sendiri. Hehehe.

    mistipurple – Not famouser but my skin thicker and thicker. BTW, I just notice that the photos showed the CM getting slimmer while I go opposite direction pulak. Sad, must not take any pic with CM liao like dis.

    Bryan – Wait…correction. The CM quoted me, then, the newspaper quoted the CM quoted me and I quote the newspaper quoted the CM who quoted me. Hahaha. That’s why I super perasan.

  4. choonie – Cos I thick skin mah…Really, the CM dunno I exist oso cos he got hundreds of ppl queue up to take pics with him wan. That’s why I keep wearing same t-shirt so that he can recognise. Hahaha.

    JT – I already stalked the CM even before he become CM, that time, in dark-dark field, he gave ceramah, I also went to feed the mosquitoes. So, yalah, I #1 fan, the rest take a number and queue up behind me, please. My hand? Now grow fungus, warts, mould liao.

    LOW – THANK YOU! I think this is the first time you meet someone so over the moon over one article hor?

    pandankia – So ‘couple’ t-shirt colour hor? Hahaha *slaps self*

  5. Wah!!! beh khoon how many nights lo!!!! So now that you know LGE reads your blog we can expect to you be even more eksyen liau lo.. haha…

  6. Paul – LOL, of course semangat lah. I nochet do T-shirt with slogan, “Even the CM reads 5xmom”. Hahaha, perasan sial.

    jess – Can…just go stalk him at hawker places he goes. Hahaha. If you eat at the same place for one whole month, maybe got luck leh?

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