smelling durian

Little apprentice learning how to choose durians. Use your palm to shield your nose and sniff.

petai fried rice

Possibly two of the stinkiest foods in the world. Petai fried rice with sambal belacan and durians. (the yellow thing in the background). I tell you, petai and sambal belacan is the best antidote for farking angry mood.

burung puyuh curry

God says He created the birds in the sky, the animals on land and the fishes in the sea for us to eat. So, eat I must. Burung puyuh curry. Can see the thigh of the little bird?

My older kids told the youngest one, “Look, mommy just killed Tweety Bird and ate it! Your barbarian mommy!”


The nasi kandar stall next to Buckingham Road and the Masjid Kapitan Keling. The curry damn nice, wei.


Tearing the bird apart with my bare hands. Recently, I adopted a new ‘fashion’. The lam-nua fashion. Spectacle, uncombed Boney M hair, big t-shirt, jeans and a cotton bag. People asked me, “You come for chemo also ah?” Aiks, but I thought I could blend in more that way. Never mind, weekend is here and I can go wear my regular aunty fashion again. (I ‘work’ Mon-Wed only)

chinese opera

Few days ago, it was Guan Yin’s birthday on the 19th day of the 6th lunar month. So, there is a Chinese Opera troupe at the Kuan Yin Temple in Pitt Street. So, I had been chatting with the patients about ‘Today is Guan Yin’s birthday, you go pai-pai peng aun’ (you go pray for safety) and at the same time, “This week is St. Anne’s birthday, you also can go ‘heh guan” (you go place vow)

Gee, I love my Penang. Where else can you find a mosque, Masjid Kapitan Keling next to a Kuan Yin temple with a church further down and across the road, the Sri Mariamman Temple? Only in Penang. Talking about the Masjid Kapitan Keling, I love their administration. They have people welcoming you to visit and there are robes and scarves for tourists to wear and enter. Too bad I cannot enter because there is a clause there. You don’t need to know what unless you are a woman who is bocoring.

This post is just clear the shit loads of pictures I had been taking.