Someone told me why he reads my blog.

Because he doesn’t know what crap I am dishing out for the day. Hmmm…..the air of mystery… He wants to know what I have been up to. Yeah…right….as if I have an exciting celebrity lifestyle. I live in the same house, see the same four walls, drive the same Viva, go the same road every day. But my imaginary lifestyle takes over and hence, I have plenty to rant and whine and complain and bitch and diss and blab.

However, I think people also love the excitement of ‘Let’s see who get tiu-ed by the 5xmom today’.

Correct or not?

Don’t you admit that sometimes, you just like to read my blog to see which person get dissed? You see my blog as the devil with horns which doesn’t think twice before butting someone. The evilness make you feel normal?

Or you want to see who came by and started writing all those rude remarks? And you want to know what I am going to do them? Usually, I just press the spam button lor. Then, I won’t ever get to see those comments forever.

But when I think my readers enjoy a bit of ‘someone today kena marah by the 5xmom’ moment, then, I cincai pass through a couple of comments lor.

Oh ya…then, there is the ‘let’s guess who 5xmom is giving the shadow kungfu today’ excitement. Doh…so many of you probably know that some of my posts are actually not the true picture but it is just a perli perli post. It won’t strike you as anything but those who makan cibai, I mean cabai, rasa pedas type.

So, the sad thing is some readers are so clueless and they go out of topic and commented out of context. These sort of comments are like shit stuck to your butt and yet, you ran out of toilet paper. It is annoying, you need immediate solution and you know it stinks.

Now, I have given so many excuses for you why people still read my blog eventhough it is filled with so much nonsensical craps. Say thank you, please.