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Jimmy got a video clip that he finds spooky and he mailed the clip to me. Initially, I was too afraid to listen to it. You see, he was filming the cemetery and there was this one part where the MPPP YDP, PHT manager, I and a few other people were walking down this path. That means, Jimmy was way ahead of us. The video captured some noises. I heard it as ‘waaa…waa….’ of kids’ voices. Jimmy heard it too. Anyway, I don’t want to think too deep into it.

Last Saturday, I bought one rosary from church. I admit that I was always too distracted to finish praying using the rosary (beads) because it usually takes at least 45 minutes to do so. I cannot sit still for 45 minutes. Maybe I will when I am 85 yrs old. Now, I am not even 45 years old, you see. Whatever, I like the colour of the beads. And I am so gonna bring it with me everywhere. What more after the video clip.

You know…like those horror movies, they take the rosary and start chanting ‘Hail Mary full of grace…” over and over again when the ‘thing’ wanna kacau? But then, I guess Jimmy and I went to the place with good intentions and nothing is going to kacau me lah. I told my sons, “Your mom is going to be the Ghost Whisperer” (which is a series on TV lah). And they say what you know? “Good lah, go find some ghosts who have lots of buried treasures or properties without a will and make us rich.”

BTW, here is the second video of the Protestant cemetery and you can see the handsome Mr. Tan. (I didn’t say he is handsome but Goot Chan said it one)

Don’t worry, nothing is going to jump out of your computer screen and cekik you. Just say, “We come in peace…..We want to do the best for you…..Have trust in us….we are bringing the Council Chief to bring some clean-up and make your graves clean and welcoming….We come in peace….”

Anyway, the clip I mentioned with the children’s voices are not going to be put online. It is not funny, ok? For the sake of citizen journalism, I kena endure mosquitoes, Jimmy kena saman by MPPP for not putting enough coins into the parking meter and we had to listen to spooky noises on one trip. But all for the love of justice, fair reporting, bringing news that matters to people…..cincai lah.

Just don’t kacau me! Please, I come in peace….

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  1. Niamah!!! I am going to spend a night in Genting. People say its more haunted than cemetery wor. How now? Hantu sked of guns ar? But I heard humans more scary than hantu lah. wtf!

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