Twitter Updates for 2009-12-16

  • I slept at 4 am cos I got the 'feel' for doing a video abt friends. Now, I look at my editing n think I am soooo corny. *delete* #
  • I made 25 videos btwn Sep & Dec. 30% abt LGE, 30% abt religion related, 30% people issue. I had 250 mins chance of changing the world. #
  • OMG LOL KAKAKAKA, I just send fren request to PCM Huan. I am soooo 1Malaysia. #
  • Going to movie costs at least RM100 for me. But buy DVD RM5, popcorn RM4 pop myself, Coke RM2.49 fm Tesco nia. I luv DVD Ah Beng veli much. #
  • I hv to remind self tt everytime I venture out to do a video (no $$ one), tt video wl hv some impact on someone's life or influence someone. #
  • Just to remind self, here is a video by @leowbh and I on You will never go hungry in Penang #
  • It is about the homeless ppl, why they ended up that way, how they live, how they feel and what are their hopes for tomorrow. #
  • is going ber-CJ at a soup kitchen n hope she doesn't see a lot of politicians n corporate bodies gloating abt their own deeds. #

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