Kisah Benar (true story) of an Ah Lian & a Lamb Burger

I had to phrase the following in the most ciivilised manner or else all four-letter Hokkien words will explode out of your PC.

Ah Lian asked her parents for their low cost flat to be mortgage so she can take RM30,000 to buy a Lamb Burger. She had invested RM2K earlier. That flat is the blood, sweat and tears of the parents. The parents seek the advice of one ‘accountant’. He tiu-ed them no end so they dropped the idea and refused to let their daughter mortage the flat.

Now, Ah Lian comes to Mr. Accountant and tries to convince this bull-headed man. Of course, he did not relent and he did some researches. If he had told the ‘wife’ (ahem), she would have shown him the anti-lamb burger blog (but she never followed it so she doesn’t know the content). Ah Lian wanted to get her Manager to talk to Mr. Accountant but heh, Mr. Accountant tiu-ed it off. Then, Ah Lian wanted to borrow the RM30K from him. (he is the uncle)

(must rant a bit : Niamah, Chinese New Year, Christmas come to Mr. Acc. house eat also never say thank you, never wish, never anything and acted like some blardy VIP guests and now, dare to come ask money, CCB. Go open your legs and sell that CCB and get the amount lah.)

The wife only knew about this last night. Good thing she wasn’t drinking curry gravy or maybe you all got no blog to read today because curry shot out of every orificies.

I don’t know what society has become. Where young people like Ah Lian get the idea that money falls from the sky. They can be so trusting when there is a possiblity of money smells in the air. But try getting them to believe in God, they ptuii it.

Haih…..girls, next time remember to find an orphan to marry, or at least find an only son. Eh, gimme the link of the burger blog again? And how does it work ah?

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  1. hahahhaha Lamb Bugger. Annoying stuffs. Why the hell ahlian want 30k for. hahah Already wasted 2k, then need to invest some more. Tham Sim one. ckckck.

  2. i bet is because that ah lian already got some “tim tao” (benefit/return/whatever you want to call it) with her initial 2k, that’s why she wanna buy another 30k worth of spoilt meat patty…

  3. That’s why we are so glued to your blog. U report all true things happening in our society.

    Sori, I m blurr here. What is Lamb Bugger ? another MLM ?

  4. laz time my ex bf believe on something like tat.. thn he spent more than 10k into it, and end up he failed to get it back.

    most of the people in this kind of network marketing, they will like to show off to every one that they hav a fancy car, big house, bla bla bla and telling people that how much they can earn from it to attract people to work for them…

    but indeed, they might having night mare of paying all those installments and trying to act like they are rich because of those network marketing. In cantonese, if you don’t have such big head, thn don’t wear such big hat. ;p

  5. While re-reeading this posting and replying your email, my online radio played the most appropriate song..”Material Girl” hhahaha

    That’s the world we live in now..a Material World..people think that money is easily found..ask her to work for itlah…see if she can scrape that 30K and see how hard it is to find that 30K

    Peace Out Aunty Lilian

  6. actually, very true lah. a lot of youngsters now not shy about asking anybody for money. why ah? parents never teach meh? can’t be. this lamp burger thing psycho their members lah. a lot of people also sudah kena…blur blur only.

  7. sell CCB I think is a better business (at least its a professions). Somemore have fun while doing it.. safely of course… who knows maybe one day rich sugar daddy comes around and she can be rich already..

    Mr Accountant tui her only ah, if it was me, i goreng her till crispy already… not enough somemore maybe till hangus a bit… a little bit of carbon makes it taste nicer

  8. The issue here is not the business itself, is it? it’s the way ah lian wanted to obtain her 30k and the dastardly upline who prolly encouraged her to do so. There wudn’t had been this much of noise if the 30k is her own hard-earned money.

  9. sooi2 – The media has warned about this and yet, no one is listening! It is 30K for nothing. I mean, if they are so dynamic in selling, why not try Amway or any other real direct sales? Those are money from hard work. This LB is a downright scam.

    gbyeow – TQ. Noted. Given link to Mr Accountant already. 🙂

    neeshen – Hehehe, Mr Acc dare not mention to me until yesterday only he blurted out ‘cos apparently Ah Lian’s hubby had gotten into stealing from his father in law. (you got to follow my earlier post to understand the story)

  10. mslenglui – Too materialistic until blind already lor.

    QV – Ya, the song is very appropriate.

    jian – Yeah, usually it is a lost cause where many will suffer and only those few getting successful. The sad thing is those who ended up broke are those who can ill afford it, wasting their parents money.

    foodcrazee – With a capital A

    Li Li – It is a business where you invest RM30K to buy their products and recruit 6 others. Then, when you manage to sell, the profit is all yours. But who will buy the stuffs?

    Mossie – Usual lah, they let you taste a bit of honey first and then, when you are blinded, they ask for more and more.

    surfnux – Better tell all your friends about this hor? Don’t get conned.

  11. ooohhh…now I knw it’s *that* ah lian…sounds like a really, really, really troubled person/family!!

    Most MLM companies go thru a period of intense recruiting before settling into the selling mode like the more established Amway & Cosway, which had their intense recruitment done decades ago…tis just a matter of time b4 the LB mania cool down lah. Personally, I don’t think LB is a “downright scam” (if it is, it wudnt had survive here for 5 yrs) but i do agree some of the members are damn tulan! sepak sama dia punya muka!! LOL

  12. sooi2 – The original LB is not a scam but a very good marketing plan. But recently, HKie took over and turned it into this MLM. The earlier LB distributors suffer because the new ones bought the stuffs in bulk and dump the products cheaply, causing major losses to the original group. This new wave style is to inject lots of cash to boost things up minus any real transaction of products.

    fashionasia – Me too. I heard about it but it was mere aromatheraphy sales, not this RM30K per distributor kinda investment.

  13. lamb burger also 30k??!!! join my chicken burger la!!! 3k deposit only!!! gerenti u can buy bungahole and bmw wuhun 3 months!!! no bluff you wan !!! mali mali!!!!

  14. Hahahaa, I though Ramly burger just add lamb to their menu.

    You will find lamp*r(18sx) burger info from the net by attaching the keyword “scam”, “ponzi”.

  15. Now we could see this DCHL Lampe berger is a social menace, and should be kicked out of Malaysia.

    Tell more of your friends, spam them with emails on this unethical marketing pyramid plan by DCHL.

    It’s the marketing plan that has problems. You can upgrade to Count by throwing 30k.

    Anti Lampe Berger

  16. hoho Yeah,some friends did believed it and went for it. In return, they tried to invite me. But all sure fail. hahaha Cos I am out of this kind of biz. Some friends who are with me for long and often, will have same thinking as me. As we had already experienced some Network Marketing scheme other than this Lamb Burger. But not wasted that much. Hundreds of ringgit and you learnt the lesson. No more Network Marketting.

  17. Lamb burger ? Aiyoh..make you die faster only!
    Bad enuff with BEEFBUGGER (see me cannot even squat down cos munching those so much over the years) …

    Aiyah! Another scam on the way is CROC BURGER. You read it rite, CROCODILE MEAT!

  18. Azrin, so this MLM is for real but sell real Lamb burger paste. Wah, how to eat RM30K worth of Lamb ?

    Malaysians in this Lamb Burger direct selling will be ‘drum barrel’ soon. Heart Attack rates will go up. Both for the seller & also their families 🙂

  19. Hai ya, After 5 days only I found out that Lampe Berger actually sell Lamp & Oil. Hai-ya, I really thought sell Lamb Burger vs Ramly Burger.

    Anyway, it is a SCAM. Better not join.

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