Aisey, minta maaflah ‘Cikgu’ (ini pasal itu polis saman)

Long time ago, I got a ‘friend’ who worked in the Customs and he told me about their codes.  One day, I was in the car with him and a police stopped him because he beat the red-light.  The above phrase got him off within minutes.  No need to haggle.

Now, the other day, remember that I mentioned my hubby got a traffic summons for obstructing traffic in busy (heh) Kuala Terengganu?  He wanted to settle it when in KT but the traffic section was closed for two days.  Upon returning, he had asked his staff to pay for him.  But after a few trips, the summon has not been paid.

The fine for obstructing traffic is RM70 and if you are a cheapskate and wants to grovel at the feet of the inspectors, running from department to department, chasing after the elusive men in blue, you may get a discount of  RM20. Trust me, pay RM70, don’t shorten your life.

So, the summon wasn’t paid yet.  And the new discounted rates that is supposed to deter bad people like us from bribing the police has been announced.  I think it is a good move.  Most regular fines are now RM50 only.  That means RM20 is the ‘going rate’ now, hor?

No, ek.  What it means now is – If you get summoned, just take it, go to the police station and pay it!  Don’t ever offer bribes.  Bad, bad, bad.  It is more thrilling to deny a bad cop from getting our money and it is lots more noble to give your money in the legal way.

According to The Star,  56% of the people they interviewed do not agree to the reduce rates.  They say it will cause more road accidents, reckless driving etc.  I tell you, 56% of the anal retentive people, get real, those reckless drivers who are out to kill themselves and the public will not care about the summons.  They are just out to die, whatever it costs.

It  is those small fries like us 44% who will gladly take the summon and  pay it in the legal way.  And I bet  RM20  shared  among two mata-kias is no longer attractive and may we have a cleaner  police force.  And yeah, don’t  bitch about police accepting bribes, it is us, the public who offered it in the first place.  If we don’t give, how can they take it?

Majulah 5xmom untuk negara!  ROTFLMAO.

15 thoughts on “Aisey, minta maaflah ‘Cikgu’ (ini pasal itu polis saman)

  1. nyonyapenang – But some of those mata-kia hor…..are out to collect, they dilly-dally, talk here and there, waiting for us to make a move. Usually they are those who hide in dark spots. LOL. Talking from experiences lah. There is one jalan leading to KLCC where a lot of us out-of-towners get caught because we changed lane at the last minute when we see the sign KLCC. We kena before and often see other outstations cars registration kena too. The two cops hide in a corner, dark spots and jumped out to flag us down. I have taught my 16 yrs old son who is riding a bike (bikers the biggest prey). If they want to kasi, ask them to kasi lah. Not that we cannot afford to pay it legally.

  2. Do you know my trick when police catch me speeding and ask for bribes?

    Tell them that I want to pay the fine of RM300/ take a close look at their name tags and nos.

    Usually they let me go free.

  3. My fren got demanded by the police to give kopi $. He refused, & the police threaten to slap him with an extra summon for not cooperating with police. #$*&#% scared ma, so he just paid.

  4. Huh I will never ever bribe them man! Pui! I rather pay the fine but of course try to do salah la! I remember once I was running late so curi ayam la but inside housing area but kena caught lor. The office kept asking how he can help me reduce the fine. I told him I insist on the fine and told him to hurry up summore cos I was late! Then finally I said I am a Christian so cannot kasi! Wah the look of his face…priceless!

  5. Mm…no wonder I always got away scot-free. I always say “minta maaf…I cikgu…nak pergi sekolah” and they said “jangan buat lagi,ya” and let me off the hook! Looks like being cikgu has its advantages!

  6. Catherine, can you believe a fresh cadet salary is only RM450?

    Comparing to police fines, municipal coucils are sharks/hyena/worthless shit. They can fine you with RM50 for expire hours(enough for 8 days parking), RM100 for not displaying parket ticket(16 days parking).

  7. moo_t – Really? The gaji so little ah? Kesian hor…

    Catherine – Those that we met will not settle for anything less than RM50. 😉

    STP- Yayaya, next time when you say ‘saya ini’ make it soft-soft so that they don’t hear and then, loud-loud yell Cikgu. Sure they think you are chief of custom or immigration.

    SA – Aisey, minta maaflah ‘Cikgu’ (ini pasal itu polis saman)”

    I say, sorry ‘teacher’ (this is about police summons). Our police reduced the fines rate so that we will pay our summons instead of bribing the cops. Teacher is a secret code the govt. servants used to identify they are from the customs department. Or so I was told.

    buaya – yalor, if increase, they complain, kurang pun komplen, what they want ah?

    laundryamah – Sometimes, people not want to save the money but dunwan the hassle of running around to pay. We did ‘that’ a couple of times to save the hassles. Nowadays, my hubby can get his staff to do the leg works, we also belagak – Nak saman, saman lah!

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