Keep this little girl and her family in your prayers

3-year-old lost her toe due to escalator accident
By Ting Tze Siang and Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 05 November 2006 1857 hrs

SINGAPORE: A 3-year-old had her right big toe and skin from her sole ripped off, after her foot got stuck in an escalator on Saturday night.

The accident took place at 8:40pm at Admiralty Place, a neighbourhood shopping centre located at Block 678 Woodlands Avenue 6.

The ambulance arrived twenty minutes later and brought her to the National University Hospital where she was being treated.

The girl’s mother said her toe was only found three hours after the accident so doctors were not able to reattach it.

Her mother had asked why there were no emergency numbers displayed for escalator repair, unlike lifts.

She said if help had arrived earlier to dismantle the escalator, there could have been a better chance of saving her daughter’s toe. – CNA/so (source)

The mom is someone from  my breastfeeding forum.  I feel a chill reading this and I cannot imagine the pain the little girl went through plus the trauma experienced by her family.  It is such a shock that this happened just being on an escalator.

Keep the little girl in your prayers please?

8 thoughts on “Keep this little girl and her family in your prayers

  1. Gosh, I never really believe escalators would not stop if something happened to get stuck even if it was slightly stuck. Now, I know the danger. I’m so sorry for the little girl and can only imagine the mom’s emotions.

  2. me & nuzul will pray for the little girl … to the mother, I know how you feel right now, please keep your strenght for the little one … 🙁

  3. i dont mean 2b insensitive.. but girl that age y mak dia tak dukung naik escalator in the first place? common sense la..

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