Part Three and event at AWAM

Someone left a comment in my previous post about loving ourselves (as an individual/woman).

You must love yourself (your 8 hours rest!) before you love another. When you love others, you grant them the innate freedom and do not cravenly insist they attend you. There is no basic difference between the love of a child for a parent or vice versa, a wife for a husband, a brother for a sister. There are only various expressions and characteristics of love, and all love affirms. There are many errors frequently committed in the name of love.

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I suppose I must find more reasons to love myself then. In fact, I had written many ‘I love myself’ postings previously.
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and my very early blog about being SAHM

To the uninitiated, they may think I am being ‘so full of myself’ and ‘on my high horses’. But to me, I know that if I do not continue to give myself these credits, I will one day melt into oblivion and can never find the independence and confidence to be a woman, above all the roles.

It is because of these self-assurances that I had been able to initiated and run projects after projects for the benefits of others.

Today, Wednesday 25th May, 2005, my online parenting group of mothers are going to AWAM in Kuala Lumpur. Brief details as follows:

Generous members and caring individual have contributed almost RM 6000.00 in cash and gifts. About 200 gifts were given away to the mothers from all walks of life, be it in the pediatric ward, maternity ward, intensive care unit ward and others at UMMC on Mother’s Day.

We have balance money/gifts and choose All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), an NGO to be the next recipient as we believe that AWAM had done a noble task tending to unfortunate mothers all these years.

More than 20 mothers from different background would be receiving gifts and a token of cash on 25th of May 2005 at AWAM premises.

We are also giving another batch of gifts to 12 recipients from a Muslims shelter home.

So, never lose that woman in you! Find that woman in you. And don’t be embarassed about loving yourself. Of course, love God above all else.
Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” (1 Corinthians 8:1)

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  1. I’m not a mummy yet but as a girl, I love myself by treating myself with extra care and buying myself lovely stuffs =P

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